10th Year Reunion

Phil Taylor, Steve Hejny, Bob Bates, Mike Taylor

20th Year Reunion

Top Row from left to right:  Damon Seale, unknown, unknown, unknown, Tim Pugliese, David Patterson, unknown, Willis Marti, Stephanie Stanley, Steve Pollard, Gary Willis, unknown, Tony Martella, Jimmy Moffett, Paul Walker, Searcy Woodall, David Lee, unknown, Scott Phares, Glenn Tipton, unknown, unknown. 2nd Row:  Dickey Morton, Kent Reese, unknown, unknown, unknown, Steve Phieffer, Glen Sanders, Mike Sanquinet, Pam Studebaker, Linda Odom, Beverly Sellers, Jill Wortham, Paula Lewis, Jan Day, unknown, unknown, Jim Pharr, unknown, Bobby Wingate, Mary Pipes, Carolyn Rigdon, Karen Yamamoto  3rd Row:  unknown, Larry Riggal, John Pace, Jeanie Stevens, Angel Torres, Jeannie Thompson, Susie Whiddon, Dee McGlasson, Julie Shafer, Diane Tyler, Caryn Lawson, Kathy O'Neal, Bevi Varner, Sandra Oakley, Diane Patton, unknown, Susan Price, Sandra Rowell, Gary Wright, Pat Rhyner, Doris Zmolik, Don Pardue  4th Row:  Sandra Rae, unknown, Sharon Boling, unknown, Sherry Lyons, Kathy Parsley, Becky Moore, Sherry Reynolds, Joan Rudd, Debbie McKenzie, Susan Monzingo, Elzada Yarbourgh, Kay Oliphant, unknown, unknown  Bottom Row:  Dan Shimek, Don Patterson, Don Fabian, Larry Nelson, Susan Cates, Phil Taylor, unknown, unknown, unknown, Elissa Martella, Barbara Rollings, unknown Top row from left to right:  Rick Garnett, Mike Bryan, Bill Aicklen, unknown, Mitch Mullins, Prissy Cook, Perry Geiser, Susan Durham, Bill Britton, Wayne Kofnovec, unknown, unknown, Kent Jones, Norman Kasal, unknown, Jim Davis, unknown, David Miller, Bill Bryan, Jim Fulcher  2nd Row:  Mike Crutcher, Larry Koch, Steve Carter, Mike Fuller, Darren Avera, Jim Hamby, Rick Harding, Steve Jones, Mary Sue Evans, Tommy Haney, Gary Burgess, David Gibson, Ronnie Dean, unknown, unknown, Jerry Bratton, Bobby Joyce, unknown  3rd Row:  unknown, unknown, Julie Kirk, Karla Hood, unknown, unknown, Debi Cope, unknown, Biddy Brandenburg, Colleen Jenson, unknown, Ruthie Hejl, Kitten Hess, Sue Hoxworth, Donna Cotter, Joan Carr, Allison Henley, Sherri England, Laurie Hightower, Susan Clevenger  4th Row:  Jan Browning, Rene Daggett, Diane Blackburn, Paula Sue Bell, Kay Callender, Marianne Creel, unknown, Brenda Coleman, Glenda Coleman, unknown, Cathy Campbell, Dianne Cole, Laura Adkerson, unknown, unknown, Karen Douglass, Ruth Ann Bates


25th Year Reunion

Carolyn Rigdon, Jill Wortham      David Lee, Cindy Mills,      Dianne Cole, Susan Monzingo, Pam Chaney, Lonnie Christianson      Rick Garnett, Beverly Sellers

30th Year Reunion

The scene of the crime.

     Mike Bryan, Jerre Baker and Penny Campbell Penny Campbell and Dickey Morton David King and Bob Joyce Elissa Martella and Rick Harding  Mike Crutcher, Kathy Harding Riffe, Greg Geary, Sandy Dantzler, Rick Harding, Dee McGlasson Mike Crutcher, Jim Hamby, Kathy Harding Riffe, Steve Carter, Rick Harding, Stan Graff, Larry Koch, Searcy Woodall Mike Crutcher, Jim Hamby, Tony Martella (hiding), Steve Carter, Rick Harding, Larry Koch, Stan Graff, Searcy Woodall Kandy Oliphant, Rick Harding, Kaye Oliphant  Kandy Oliphant, Rick Harding, Kaye Oliphant, Kathy Harding Riffe Kim Robinson, Jan Day, Mike Crutcher, Kathy Harding Riffe and Rick Harding Neil Burris Rick Harding, David Lee, Mike Crutcher and Kathy Harding Riffe Steve Pollard bottom row) JoAnn Ivy, Jeannie Thompson, Diane Blackburn, Gay Vogel, Cathy Lictenwalter, Sandra Rowell (top row) Marianne Creel, Janet Taylor, Dianne Cole, Elissa Martella, Ruthie Hejl, Debbie McKenzie, Joan Rudd, Janice Rushing, Pat Rhyner, Julie Kirk bottom row) JoAnn Ivy, Jeannie Thompson, Diane Blackburn, Gay Vogel, Cathy Lictenwalter, Sandra Rowell (top row) Marianne Creel, Janet Taylor, Dianne Cole, Elissa Martella, Ruthie Hejl, Debbie McKenzie, Joan Rudd, Janice Rushing, Pat Rhyner bottom row) JoAnn Ivy, Jeannie Thompson, Diane Blackburn, Gay Vogel, Cathy Lictenwalter, Sandra Rowell, Biddy Brandenburg (top row) Marianne Creel, Janet Taylor, Dianne Cole, Elissa Martella, Ruthie Hejl, Debbie McKenzie, Joan Rudd, Janice Rushing, Pat Rhyner David King and wife Mrs. Edith Pulley, Teacher at Mark Twain Elementary Elissa Martella and Blair Hornberger Susan Monzingo Tim Pugliese and wife   Steve Pollard, Mary Sue Evans, and Marc Welch Donna Bridwell and Stephanie Stanley Bevi Varner, Bobby Wingate  Kathy Jackson, Stephanie Stanley, Jean Ferguson and Gayla Goolsby Jim Davis and Bill Britton Stephanie Stanley and Larry Campbell (Mary Sue's husband) Dianne Cole, Tim Pugliese, JoAnn Ivy Lee Geiser and Candy Truelove Kay Oliphant, Jeanie Stevens and Carla Hood Don Fabian, Mike Bryan, Steve Hejny Janet Taylor and Dale Ball Janet Taylor, Jeff Olmstead, Bevi Varner Janet Taylor, Jerre Baker, Jerre's daughter, Sherri Richard Pulley, Janet Taylor, Allison Henley, and Russ Curry Rusty Poston sans top of head and Larry Nelson Sandy Dantzler, Gary Long, Mike Bryan Richard Pulley, Janet Taylor and Allison Henley Ruthie Hejl, Allison Henley, Suzanne Ullom, Debbie McKenzie, Janice Rushing, Janet Taylor Suzanne Ullom Richard Pulley, Janet Taylor, Allison Henley and Russ Curry Neil Ferguson and Mike Crutcher Steve Pollard, Jeanie Stevens, and Marc Welch  "I swear I didn't do it!"   Yeah right.............. Bevi Varner, Gary Duncan, Jeanie Stevens Gayla Goolsby, JoAnn Ivy, and Gary Luse Steve Pollard, Steve Phieffer and wife and.......?

"Peace Baby" and Susan Price  Johnny White and Susan Durham Ronnie and Donna Bridwell David King and ? Back:  Larry and Susan Price Thompson  Front:  Gary Luse and Sally Deck Greg Geary Val Webb,  "The Picture Lady"  Prissy and SusanBobby Joyce, Prissy Cook, Mike Smith Gary Duncan, Sandra Oakley, Gary Willis Johnny White, Susan Durham, Kent Reese, Jan Day Greg Geary, Mike Smith Jan Day, Mike Smith. Bubba Fain, Ruben Hernandez, Janet Taylor, Gayla Goolsby Jan Day, Richard Crowell, Gary Burgess, Kent Reese, Johnny White, Stan Graff Susan Durham, Prissy Cook, Jan Day, Linda Odom Poor Mike............ Glen Sanders, Suzi Ullom, Ted Webster & wife, Kent Jones Jeanie Thompson, Mike Smith group265-julie-johnnywhite-janet.jpg (20785 bytes) group266-gayla-leegeiser.jpg (31233 bytes) group269-bobby-balloons.jpg (21719 bytes) group275-jean-dennis-joann-stephanie-gayla-neil.jpg (32269 bytes) group276-gayla-neil-dennis-joann-stehphanie.jpg (38371 bytes) group277-gayla-neil-jean-stephanie-dennis.jpg (28960 bytes) group317-richardpulley-w-edithpulley.jpg (27267 bytes) group337-dukehalle-stevecarter.jpg (29379 bytes) group351-renedaggett-marypipes.jpg (28359 bytes) group358-kimrobinson-susanstrickland-lanarouse.jpg (27544 bytes) group363-suziullom-allisonhenley.jpg (25185 bytes) group376-dickeymorton-johnott.jpg (25196 bytes) group387-stevehejny-jillwortham-cathymay-.jpg (32785 bytes) group395-sandyd-marypipes-billb-renedagett-dianeblackburn.jpg (29431 bytes) group396-carolynpiercewallin-donnabee-dennisbee-.jpg (12627 bytes) group397-sandrarae-tonymartella-pamstudebaker.jpg (17739 bytes) group398-jean--kentjones-stephanie-timslayton-joannivy.jpg (17724 bytes) group451-sallycampbell-neilferguson.jpg (20542 bytes) group456-garywillis-sandyoakley-elzadayarbrough.jpg (22955 bytes) group472-chowline-donfabian-glensanders-kaysanders.jpg (20800 bytes) group505-donfabian-rustyposton-larrynelson.jpg (20619 bytes) group533-richardpulley-susanmonzingo-garywright.jpg (15492 bytes) group540-paultipps-susanmonzingo.jpg (15442 bytes) group541-paultipps-susanmonzingo.jpg (17696 bytes)

Golf Pictures
John Ott, Steve Pollard, Darren Avrea, Jesse Hastcoat Mike Bryan, Steve Rutherford, Kent Reese, Bubba Fain Bill Greenhaw, Larry Riggall, Jan Day Crowell, Richard Crowell Gary Burgess, Greg Bartz, Sherry Bartz, Tim Pugliese Mike Yarbrough, Neil Burris, Ruben Hernandez Searcy Woodall, Bill Aicklen, Jim Hamby, J.B. Koch Gary Long, Kaye Oliphant Froehlich, Steve Carter, Dickey Morton Bill Britton, Mike Crutcher, Kandy Oliphant Ternasky, Marc Welch Mike Smith, Terry Hill, Donna Cotter Stimson, Bob Stimpson Stan Graff, Jim Tinsley, Danny Walston,  Al Looper    


Coach Troy Miller and wife, Nita Coach Milton South and Steve Carter back there to the right Coach South with shades of Gary Luse and David King


40th Reunion


Reunion 2010 Pictures are Up!

Thanks to everyone who came!  It was a great reunion!

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