Scott Phares with go go dancer, Elissa Martella Barbara Rollings and Bill Britton (Picture courtesy of Bill Britton) Gary Duncan-Then  Gary and Marie Arnold-Senior Day Tonnie Bond Grad Day 1970

Susie Whiddon, Jimmy Pharr, Nita Cowart, Ray Decker, RuthAnn Bates & Larry Armstrong-Prom.  Larry Nelson, Steve Hejny and Janet Taylor at the All Night Party at SMU.  Rusty Poston at the All Night Party at SMU  RuthAnn Bates and Janet Taylor-Prom Dickie Morton & Bill Britton-August 1969 (Dallas Times Herald) Cathy Campbell & Duke Halle

     Steve Hejny & Jerre Baker Janet Birge, Don Fabian, Janet Taylor & Mike Price  Mary Sue Evans Kaye Oliphant Kandyce Oliphant  Summer of 69' Debbi Bean & Tommy Batchelor Rick Baumgardner, Charlynn Pritchett, Susan Strickland, Terry Hill Senior Luncheon: Top left:  Charlynn Pritchett & Shari Sturdevant Top right:  Elaine Harwell, Tommy Batchelor, Debbi Bean, Susan Strickland, Terry Hill  Dan Shimak, JoAnn Ivy, Kenneth Nutt, Gary Kelleher, and JoAnn's little sister, Janet Ivy  JoAnn Ivy  Kim Robinson, JoAnn Ivy, Jan Day, Elissa Martella, RuthAnn Bates, Mary Pipes  Mark Adams, Cathy Campbell, Jeannie Thompson, John Ott and Susan Price  Dan Shimak and JoAnn Ivy - Junior Prom? Dickey Morton, Wayne Kofnovec, Steve Pollard, Jim Herndon, Mike Sanquinet, Charles Clemmons, Steve Jones, and Gary Whale JerryWilson JerryCox   Mary  Rene Europe-bound   Mary JerrySittingInATree   Mary Kevin Rene Mark Denise thependulumsjimmiephilronnie.jpg (40164 bytes) Mary Pipes, Elissa Martella, Jan Day, Kim Robinson, Ruth Ann Bates, Joann Ivy  Couch South and JoAnn Ivy Mary Pipes, Billy Masur, Rene Dagget, Stephanie Stanley   Denise Walker and Jeff (Butch) Perry at the all night party  
Scott Phares Pool Party 1970 from left, on diving board, Mitch Mullins, Stevie Ray Vaughan (guitarist for Liberation)
Mike Day (drummer for Liberation) holding the ball.  Steve Lowery sitting on poolside.  (Steve went to Carter and was the
keyboard player for Liberation), Scott Phares doing the back flip and Manny Barrientos in the pool.

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