Class of 70'

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Dianne Cole, Kitten Hess, Dianne Arnett, Kathy Coy, Margaret Roberson, Suzi Smith, Biddy Brandenburg

 Senior Class Officers

Senior Officers

Class Favorites

70Pgs294 AllRound Thompson_Reese.jpg (27096 bytes) 70Pgs295 PopularRollings_Crutcher.jpg (28121 bytes) 70Pgs296 Friendly Price_Lindley.jpg (28749 bytes) 70Pgs297 Most Likely Tacker_Millsap.jpg (25947 bytes) 70Pgs298 Wittiest Martella_Manning.jpg (24386 bytes) 70Pgs299 BeautyHandsome Day_Pugliese.jpg (29036 bytes)

Class Sweetheart

70Pgs94_95 Sweetheat Full.jpg (95689 bytes) 70Pgs97 Sweetheat Jan Day.jpg (30078 bytes)