Paula Machen/Hartsell 

Street Address: 2306 Aggie Dr.
City: Grand Prairie
State: Texas
Zip Code: 75051
Occupation: receptionist/dispatcher
Spouse Name/Occupation: Finally got rid of him!!
Jeremy/30 and Matthew/24
Alexis/9, Austin/5 and Christofer/3
Places I've Been:
The only place I've really gone since school is to visit my Grandbabies; first in Kansas City and then they moved to Seattle.
Work Phone:
HomePhone: 972-263-3134
Personal Web Page:
Fondest Senior Memory: Mrs. Green trying to keep me out of trouble
The Real Me: that I hid my problems.
Benefit/Waste: I learned not to sweat the small stuff. The biggest waste of time was worrying about what everyone thought about me.
Learned After Graduation: How to stand on my own two feet.
Looking Back: Life can be really good even if your dreams don't come true.
Will/Will Not Recognize Me: I've gained weight, but I smile more!