Sandy Dantzler (Brillo) Anderson

Street Address: 304 Grand Ashbury Lane
City: Sugar Hill
State: Georgia
Zip Code: 30518
Occupation: Purchasing Agent for LXE - we make hand held barcode reading equipment for inventory tracking.
Spouse Name/Occupation: Mike Anderson - Salesman for Insight Electronics
Children/Ages: Son - Age 26 /step daughter Age 16
Places I've Been: Germany, Austria, Italy,-played soccer in an International Tournament with an Over 30 Women's team - Been skiing in Utah, Colorado many times.
Work Phone: 770-729-6657 call anytime
FAX: 770-446-5738
Personal Web Page: not
Fondest Senior Memory: The musicals and all the fun we had during rehearsals
The Real Me: That I would have been fun on a date! I had a lot of crushes on great guys that never gave me the time of day.
Benefit/Waste: How to sing out loud and appreciate music! I am currently the pianist for the Gwinnett Symphony - I know Miss Hayes would be proud. The biggest waste of time - Geometry! "side angle side equals side angle side....stand up and say that for us" (Mr.Dickey)
Learned After Graduation: That your friends are your friends, no matter what.
Looking Back:  High School really WAS the happiest times of our lives! - we just THOUGHT we had problems and couldn't wait to get out.
Will/Will Not Recognize Me: hope they don't - I was such a DOG! (great personality tho...)