November Rat Pack Dinner 2005

Tillman’s Corner
American Cuisine
324 W. Seventh Street
Dallas, Texas 75208

Those in attendance:

Tim Slayton
Stephanie Stanley
Ronny Paulk
Hurley Butcher
Karen Harris Caton
Gayla Goolsby Mitchell

It was a small group, as we expected it would be since it was the weekend of Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful dinner at Tillman's and then went over to the new Cosmo Rouge Bistro-Lounge for dessert and after dinner drinks.  Great place!  We will have our next RP there in January.  Then we all went to Deep Ellum Blues and listened to some great music.  Scott Phares (Class of 70) and his brother Shawn (Class of 77) played with The Ferris and Clark Expedition.